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Top chess coaches

CM Kingscrusher-YouTube lichess coach

CM Tryfon Gavriel

Learn how to crush kings the Kingscrusher way!

Location London, United Kingdom
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2170, 2367 2299 2333 2045 1921
Hourly rate 40 US dollars
Availability Accepting students
FM lovlas lichess coach

FM Lasse Østebø Løvik

Experienced Norwegian coach. Been lucky enough to have worked with most of the Norwegian youth.

Location Stavanger, Norway
Languages Norwegian, English
Rating FIDE: 2400, 2507 2569 2353 2247
Hourly rate 30 USD/h
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
FM newbie87 lichess coach

FM Alessandro Santagati

Completely customized program

Location Catania, Italy
Languages English, Italian
Rating FIDE: 2319, 2301 2305 2100 1956 1887
Hourly rate 29$
Availability Accepting students
LM JannLee lichess coach

LM Justin Tan

I've thoroughly enjoyed playing crazyhouse for 16 years and my goal is to extend that enjoyment to new players. My YouTube channel can be found here.

Location Sydney, Australia
Languages English
Rating 2774
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
GM coachvovk lichess coach

GM Yuri Vovk

Enjoy rational approach to the chess!

Location Lviv, Ukraine
Languages English, Ukrainian, Russian
Rating FIDE: 2603, 2706
Hourly rate 35 USD = 1 hour, 300 USD = 10 hours
Availability Accepting students
GM Kastorcito lichess coach

GM Rodrigo Vasquez

Grandmaster Rodrigo Vasquez Grand Master from Chile 2554 Elo rating. I give Chess Lessons, if you are interested tell me or write to

Location santiago, Chile
Languages English Spanish Portuguese
Rating FIDE: 2554, 2432 2613
Hourly rate 50 usd
Availability Accepting students
IM Sparklehorse lichess coach

IM William Paschall

Learn chess from a proven professional ! 20 years experience

Location Budapest, Hungary
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2381, 2402 2461 2135
Hourly rate 35$/hour lessons 15$/hour training games
Availability Accepting students
IM KillerBateman lichess coach

IM Georgios Souleidis

There are golden rules in chess and I can teach them to you

Location Hamburg, Greece
Languages German, English, Spanish, Greek
Rating FIDE: 2404, 2481 2554 2289 2287
Hourly rate 35 Dollar/hour
Availability Accepting students
FM LordRaziel18 lichess coach

FM Jose Mora

Certified High Performance Trainer / Entrenador de Alto Rendimiento Certificado

Location Caracas, Venezuela
Languages Español, English, Portugues
Rating FIDE: 2234, 2219 2073
Hourly rate 10$/hour; Whatsapp +58 414918 9403; ***Class trial free!!***
Availability Accepting students
IM Asaf_Givon lichess coach

IM asaf givon

highly motivated chess coach for all levels!

Location kfar saba, Israel
Languages english, russian, hebrew
Rating FIDE: 2470, 2634 2539 2308 2240 2152
Availability Accepting students