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Hourly Crazyhouse 57m 25
U1600 Classical 57m 20
Hourly Classical 1h 57m 96
Hourly Blitz 57m 74
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 97
Hourly Bullet 27m 92
Weekly Bullet 2h 1
Short 2+2 Atom Rated 45m 19
Akobian 5+0 50m 40
Ranken 0+1 Rated 20m 8
Znosko-Borovsky ½+0 KotH Rated 20m 4
Ólafsson 2+0 Anti Rated 1h 30m 7
Tan 1.5+0 KotH Rated 2h 1
Walker 2+0 3check Rated 20m 2
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  1. That escalated quickly TheShadowMan Interesting game that i've just played (correspondence) https://en.…
  2. Extreme Calculation with LUCK? MorningCoffee just because you hadn't calculated till the end it doesn't mean it was…
  3. me vs im paschall_study MorningCoffee the meaning of Qd1 +Na2 is probably Bf1-Nb4-Nd3-b4-Nc5 but since you a…
  4. A tale of horror. FM NobodyReally @MorningCoffee Thank you. :-)
  5. A tale of horror. MorningCoffee holy f*** this position,my eyes still hurt. It took me ages to even fi…
  6. Is there a way of going throug… alex_beneath you can try bookmarking games you deem worthy from here http://i.imgur…
  7. Extreme Calculation with LUCK? Raoul_de_Manager Lol this game seems so legit
  8. Extreme Calculation with LUCK? hal9k Why you always used main line, not even trying to paint some errors?
  9. me vs im paschall_study Jan_Braun Hi, today I would like to share my study of an interesting positiona…
  10. Control panel for Team Leader rzenaikrzys Hi Admins,sir thibault and lichess community I would like to sug…
  11. Fischer queen sac achja @JamesPeirce #5 Thanks for the game mentioning! I vaguely recall the…
  12. Extreme Calculation with LUCK? Sungjin Hello, I just played a lucky game.…
  13. Buying from the Swag Store = L… rtist Just a quick question: does buying from the Lichess store mean you'll …
  14. Upset from bad calculations. chessanalyst Steaming badly. On high…
  15. Fischer queen sac JamesPeirce @achja what do you think of Fischer vs Acevedo? its another one of his…
  16. Fischer queen sac justhere omg BOARD DIAGRAMS!!!!!!! THANKS LICHESS!11
  17. weird checkmate Puzzletraining he had to play g5, yeah im bored im just trying to have fun https://e…
  18. when does the next marathon ta… cowbook @thibault is that the winter marathon?
  19. Time running but I can't move … chessanalyst I hate this. It has happened to me a few times. No idea why.
  20. Three kings draw in Anti-Chess. acgusta2 In this game I had gotten a draw with three kings on the board. htt…
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