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Hourly Classical 1h 57m 389
Weekly Blitz 3h 278
Daily SuperBlitz 1h 30m 218
U2000 SuperBlitz 57m 98
U1700 Blitz 57m 103
Crazyhouse HippoBullet 57m 38
U1500 Classical 57m 55
Hourly HyperBullet 27m 39
U2000 Blitz 57m 0
U1700 Classical 57m 1
Crazyhouse Bullet 27m 0
U1500 SuperBlitz 57m 0
Weekly King of the Hill 3h 0
Mieses ½+0 Rated 2h 46
Furman 3+2 Rated 1h 10m 12
Kostić 3+0 horde Rated 2h 9
Charousek 3+2 Atom Rated 2h 18
Anderssen 1+2 Anti Rated 2h 34
Palac 5+0 KotH 45m 8
Koppel 5+0 Rated 20m 6
Mariotti 7+2 Rated 45m 6
Naiditsch 5+0 45m 1
Sicilian Defence 5+2 Rated 1h 10
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  1. I beat a 1900+ bullet player w… Dino960 @Luciano_the_best thanks!
  2. I beat a 1900+ bullet player w… Dino960 and I'm about 800-1000 bullet player (on a past account). This opening…
  3. I beat a 1900+ bullet player w… seanysean Nice job!!
  4. I beat a 1900+ bullet player w… Dino960 lol also it wasn't a perfect game on my behalf I had more mistakes…
  5. I beat a 1900+ bullet player w… chesspawn123 @Dino960 , that's quite a feat for a 1200 player. Maybe someone hack t…
  6. I beat a 1900+ bullet player w… Francesco_Super That's great! Congrats!
  7. I beat a 1900+ bullet player w… Dino960 I'm super proud of this :D
  8. 0 0 0 is not only for good pl… Irishman964 @hikaru_nakamuru Of course it's not only for good players. https…
  9. [Feature request] Seeing which… lovsovs When solving tactics puzzles in the trainer, I often wonder why some p…
  10. Suggestions for weak 2100 play… seanysean #8 That was a blindfold game... #9 Good point will do.. eventually. …
  11. Bd3!! tpr 13 Bd6 is a nice move to keep black bottled up, but you are one piece …
  12. Players score on Lichess App ScaccoLento I asked exactly the same thing some months ago with a post called "sco…
  13. Bd3!! Sungjin (Sorry for the title by the way)
  14. Bd3!! Sungjin In this game of mine, what do you think about the move Bd6? And why is…
  15. Why isn't the player's rating,… Bonifratz I think it's done this way because the rating change will be calculate…
  16. Previous and next buttons on t… oyvindrognes There is a big button saying "go to next hourly [insert] tournament" t…
  17. Previous and next buttons on t… CM Kingscrusher-YouTube Hi all On day a daily bullet it would be cool to have a big < and >…
  18. BLINFOLD CHESS Chris1976 If he is, neither can he.
  19. Android App lichess in combina… Arno768 Dear all, Any news when the Android App of Lichess will be updated …
  20. Hands & Brains averagepleb2 I'd highly appreciate a feature like this. I myself thought about a va…
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