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Hourly Classical 1h 57m 144
Eastern SuperBlitz 1h 30m 4
Hourly Crazyhouse 57m 0
U2000 Classical 57m 3
Hourly Blitz 57m 6
Hourly Bullet 27m 0
Jaffé 3+0 Anti Rated 1h 11
Italian Game 5+2 Rated 1h 7
Neumann 1+0 Atom Rated 1h 30m 2
Italian Game 5+0 Rated 1h 1
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  1. Most Moves in a 1+0 Bullet Game Toscani Anticipating a move helps speed things up. Coordinate training with…
  2. Make an educated guess! Noblunder 2200 vs 2200, around those numbers
  3. Most Moves in a 1+0 Bullet Game Asym Curious how many moves your fastest 1+0 Bullet games have had. Please …
  4. Need a practice partner for 45… LOVEBurittos What are some good openings for antichess I am only a 1300
  5. Are there timer cheats? MoistvonLipwig This is just a lag issue. I sometimes also have that problem (rarely t…
  6. Need a practice partner for 45… chessanalyst I played a couple games with someone that sent me a message. Feels lik…
  7. Are there timer cheats? Privateer Sometimes, I notice that (especially when I am winning due to observat…
  8. Need a practice partner for 45… IsolatedPun-Youtube The best thing to do when this happens is to not play chess. Take a br…
  9. Need a practice partner for 45… ujcn @BaT2cj Chessmaster also good.
  10. Same puzzle reappears after a … popdentist Hurray! Just solved a puzzle and gained +7 points:…
  11. Drawish tendency rbtbln2666 I noted, analysing my game, that i'm acquiring a "drawish style". Most…
  12. Please rate Keres has sacrific… P7formula I am reading were P Keres was maybe the greatest opening inventor ever…
  13. Problem with language picker john_boone Thanks a lot for your support!
  14. Make an educated guess! Haruhi it seems that someone else already knew the game :D interesting to see…
  15. Please rate Keres has sacrific… ujcn @C_chess_T The Communists from the country Korchnoi, but he became the…
  16. Study BobC I didn't know about those openings. Thanks.
  17. Make an educated guess! hal9k I think i would make mistake at move 5 already. It's very hard to defe…
  18. Make an educated guess! CM Sarg0n It's a bit of a Jackson Pollock, isn't it?
  19. Make an educated guess! CM Sarg0n This has been played otb. Can you guess the Elo rating of the players …
  20. Cute mate zirbes123 Yes, I saw it after 12... Rf8, and I thought he might spoil the fun wi…
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