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  1. need advice on how to play aga… azhar101 oppss.. i had changed to 'public'.. thanks @tpr
  2. How to see all our current cor… webmi I have the same problem!
  3. Online Chess rating inflation? tpr About 200 too much.
  4. Does Queen's Gambit/Slav Defen… tpr The Meran and the Botvinnik variations are quite sharp.
  5. need advice on how to play aga… tpr "Middlegame Study Sorry! This study is private, you cannot access it…
  6. need advice on how to play aga… azhar101 hello.. i need some advice on my game against King's Indian Defence.. …
  7. Online Chess rating inflation? youngmoney2299 Can someone tell me in general how inflated online ratings are compare…
  8. Does Queen's Gambit/Slav Defen… CM Sarg0n Ever noticed that the old wise men called 1.e4 "(half) Open games" and…
  9. Does Queen's Gambit/Slav Defen… Linnemann Slav and Caro Kann are simply rock solid structures for black. If y…
  10. ACL is removed from the game. Link Seems to be there.
  11. ACL is removed from the game. vkrish The ACL is not there. Why?
  12. takeback option misplaced nicaneur i have had a problem when i receive a takeback request, and when i am …
  13. i wanna share this game ... Irishman964 @SYRIZAIOS was the first mistake... but other than that, nice game
  14. Does Queen's Gambit/Slav Defen… Irishman964 @MarkDiaz you can just paste the link to the game if its a lichess gam…
  15. Does Queen's Gambit/Slav Defen… MarkDiaz I'll look - maybe I have a PGN
  16. Does Queen's Gambit/Slav Defen… chessanalyst It depends on what you are playing. That shouldnt be the case. Do you…
  17. timing out instead of quitting… bobMormon I had such a game recently. I made an autoclicker that gave him 15 se…
  18. timing out instead of quitting… tennersgnissel Players dropping out of play - letting several minutes pass without a …
  19. Does Queen's Gambit/Slav Defen… MarkDiaz More than okay maybe for CC - I'm an old guy and need my time - suck a…
  20. i wanna share this game ... MarkDiaz 17...b6 was the blunder - 17...Bxf5 and game continues - but good job …
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