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Hourly Classical 1h 57m 110
U2000 SuperBlitz 57m 5
U1700 Blitz 57m 0
U1500 Classical 57m 1
Hourly Blitz 57m 1
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 0
Hourly Bullet 27m 1
Crazyhouse HippoBullet 57m 0
Burgess 2+0 Anti Rated 1h 23
Balashov ¼+0 Rated 30m 14
Miśta 7+2 Rated 1h 8
Kmoch 0+1 KotH Rated 45m 2
Ivkov 5+2 Rated 45m 1
Szén ¼+0 Rated 2h 1
Burgess 7+0 Rated 2h 1
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  2. The Exchange Sacrifice genevagenius You are not the real Kasparov
  3. My chess progression since i j… Checkers-Network I joined about 6 months ago. Haven't improved much, except for maybe i…
  4. Domination! Dolg brilliant queen sacrifice!
  5. Kostya & Isaac: Reykjavik Open… NapoleonBonaparteIV Kostya and I both notched key wins yesterday, though the story of the …
  6. Lossing rating points with no … milliways It is annoying if it happens to you. But wouldn't it contradict the …
  7. trying not to play "c6" anymor… tpr Nice game. I always wonder how you can pull this off in one minute. Wh…
  8. Domination! MrGM the game...
  9. French put to draw - what da y… tpr I think white has an advantage in the final position: the white pawn o…
  10. Lossing rating points with no … lovrekov I think lichess should change rules about games which didn't started i…
  11. French put to draw - what da y… dRr0x0rZZ Why take a draw in the French when you trade white's light-squared bis…
  12. French put to draw - what da y… Rise white played the opening pretty inaccurately (Bf1-e2-d3?!, dxc5?!) so …
  13. French put to draw - what da y… Gattor Well, you can trade queens, take the bishop and fork a queen and a roo…
  14. French put to draw - what da y… sakkozik I was not really asking for moral lessons, rather assessment of the ac…
  15. When I do strategy (not tactic… OnePawnDown Easiest way to answer this is, if you really don't believe stockfish t…
  16. French put to draw - what da y… OnePawnDown Well I guess we have two different goals from the outset. My goal whe…
  17. French put to draw - what da y… Gattor If I were black, I would play h6 and then try to take one of the bisho…
  18. The Exchange Sacrifice GM Sergey_Kasparov Approximately 50% of our students speak Russian and they came from thi…
  19. French put to draw - what da y… sakkozik I don't not push for a win under all circumstances because it would qu…
  20. French put to draw - what da y… OnePawnDown This game confuses me so much. I'm not very good but I just don't und…
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