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Black to play
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Hourly Crazyhouse 27m 19
Hourly Bullet 27m 122
Daily Bullet 1h 2
U1600 Blitz 57m 3
Hourly Blitz 57m 1
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 0
Hourly Crazyhouse 57m 0
Hourly Classical 1h 57m 8
Weekly HyperBullet 2h 3
French Defence 7+0 2h 22
Wyvill 3+2 Atom Rated 2h 33
Reshevsky 2+0 Rated 1h 10m 9
Schallopp ½+0 Rated 30m 8
de Rivière 7+2 Rated 1h 10m 5
Gibaud 3+2 Rated 45m 1
Pachman 2+2 Atom Rated 50m 2
King 5+1 2h 2
Fuderer 5+0 45m 1
Wei 2+0 Racing Rated 30m 1
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  1. Which opening should I play? SuedeStonn If you don't play the KG you don't know what fun chess is! ;}
  2. Which opening should I play? TheDudeAbides Openings don't really matter as lovlas mentioned. As long as you can …
  3. Which opening should I play? Calanthe hmmm, well, that's weird
  4. One of my best games TheKillerSacrifice Nice game but black takin the knight was just really stupid
  5. One of my best games BoringEndGames i would like to have ur opinion on th…
  6. Which opening should I play? KateKidna They closed their account!
  7. Which opening should I play? CM Sarg0n A bit more constructive: "open" games are recommended for the rather i…
  8. Puzzle 68281 incorrect oeps According to stockfish, the p…
  9. Which opening should I play? CM Sarg0n If someone asks this question in forums he gets back a multimodal dist…
  10. I played a 1-1-1 game yafura The problem is, if you play to get a GM out of book, you will be most …
  11. Is this the most beautiful Lic… Calanthe This isn't the most beautiful game, but it's surely a unique position.…
  12. How do I create a training ses… Calanthe Hi ReTestone, I don't really understand what you mean with training…
  13. Which opening should I play? FM lovlas If your coaches ambition is for you to draw against 1500s something is…
  14. Chess coaching Calanthe Lichess has a lot of certified coaches. Try to take a look: https://e…
  15. Which opening should I play? Calanthe First of all, get rid of your coach. If he only want's you to play to …
  16. Which opening should I play? Potato_PM Hello everyone...I am in a dilemma as to which opening I should play..…
  17. block cookies -> tournament pa… Ziwaawa I have blocked cookies in my chrome browser (chrome->content settings-…
  18. Chess coaching tpr Just post one of your lost games on the game analysis forum here.
  19. crazyhouse stock drag and drop catharaxie I would like to thank the developpers for the tremendeous job they hav…
  20. Chess coaching stargazer1966 Hi, I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good chess coach on h…
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Follow the eight remaining players as they battle it out in a round-robin crazyhouse tournament to decide the 2017 World Champ.

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