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  1. Starting a lichess 4545 team f… MrGM What day would the matches be?
  2. Starting a lichess 4545 team f… Pat6578 May I be on your team? I was hoping to participate in Season 7
  3. Checkmate with five knights. acgusta2 In this game I checkmated my op…
  4. Someone's salty about getting … KokoASMR They were wrong to insult you, however in my opinion as soon as you ty…
  5. Someone's salty about getting … trickynick Nobody likes losing but I find it pretty jarring how indignant some pe…
  6. Game and Matches from fen posi… Malis59 I'd like to see a way to start a match or play games starting with fen…
  7. Upcoming Variation Expansions? PatzerGareBear13 Bughouse would be really awesome!
  8. Simul Forum PatzerGareBear13 Yes I agree. It is very annoying.
  9. Improving Play-- Step Method v… kifaru Thanks a lot. I'm a scorekeeper, so I will read the book :)
  10. Improving Play-- Step Method v… Linnemann and more formats at
  11. Improving Play-- Step Method v… Linnemann Thanks @kifaru i somehow overlooked your post. Consider reading "Ch…
  12. Opposite color bishop endgame … ClaytonM Fair enough. I'm not that good at endgames, either. @Alex_slow beca…
  13. Why do some players have a ? a… ThingsFallApart It means the rating is provisional and they need to play more games be…
  14. Upcoming Variation Expansions? V1chess No, that's not what I meant. I have a brain, like your average Joe, bu…
  15. Upcoming Variation Expansions? V2chess Does that mean that @V1chess takes his head off when he's not thinking…
  16. Upcoming Variation Expansions? V1chess well let's put our thinking caps on!
  17. Upcoming Variation Expansions? Greek10000 Well whats stopping us or the mods
  18. Opposite color bishop endgame … PatzerGareBear13 @ClaytonM I know how to do that. @Alex_slow, I didn't use the comput…
  19. Why do some players have a ? a… greatpawn Why do some players have a ? after their score. I have noticed these p…
  20. Upcoming Variation Expansions? V1chess If we find a way to make 2-player teams, we can probably bring bughous…
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Lichess meetup and hackaton report

The Lichess team recently met up to work and socialize in Paris. Here is the summary.

Recent Improvements

The lichess team is constantly creating new features for you to enjoy. Now we need your help to decide what to add next!

Tata Steel Chess: Week 1

Everything about the first week of the Tata Steel Chess tournament, live from Wijk aan Zee