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Hourly Crazyhouse 27m 16
U1600 SuperBlitz 57m 48
Hourly Classical 1h 57m 120
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 122
Hourly Bullet 27m 87
Hourly Blitz 57m 99
Nunn 7+2 crazy Rated 2h 24
Queen's Gambit Accepted 7+2 Rated 2h 29
Uhlmann 2+0 Racing Rated 45m 18
Morozevich 5+0 45m 10
Diamant 7+2 Rated 1h 6
Koppel ½+0 Rated 1h 15
Scandinavian Defence 7+2 1h 30m 4
Flohr ½+0 Rated 30m 1
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  1. API Rate Limiting theino I'm trying to use the 'GET /api/user/<username>/games', but I'm gettin…
  2. Pawn sacrifice against the Owe… CM Sarg0n It seems to me that is side-line side-line theory and and quite a good…
  3. Pawn sacrifice against the Owe… hatchet Hey guys, I recently had a look at the line 1. e4 e6 2. d4 b6 3. Nf3 …
  4. Opposite color bishop endgame … CM Sarg0n Yeah, sometimes those endgames are won with equal pawns and sometimes …
  5. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SUCH CHESS … risky-chess you should play longer games that makes you smarter.But if you play bu…
  6. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SUCH CHESS … Principa27 Comment below!
  7. Checkmate with five knights. Unihedron That's one way to punish your opponent for not resigning. :P
  8. Starting a lichess 4545 team f… FLOWERS_FOR_ALLAH Hello, I'd like to join. Feel free to PM me details. Have a great day!
  9. Game mode suggestion: Crazyhou… SpinRightRound I think the name is self explanatory. Take Crazyhouse and add random s…
  10. Opposite color bishop endgame … tpr The basic idea is to set up a blockade on the squares that the opposin…
  11. Feature request: Strongest pla… Linnemann That is already implemented: go to your profile page, click on eg. bli…
  12. Feature request: Strongest pla… War-Master Hey everyone, I think it would be nice to know what is the highest …
  13. Checkmate with five knights. PatzerGareBear13 Lol a lot of ponies on the board!
  14. Starting a lichess 4545 team f… chessanalyst I am flexible would need to talk to the team to find out. Pat I would …
  15. Starting a lichess 4545 team f… jonesmh Not only day of week, but dates and time are necessary for commitment.
  16. Checkmate with five knights. doom12384 That is glorious. There is no better way to say it.
  17. Checkmate with five knights. ClaytonM Wow. That's pretty funny. Why didn't he just resign way earlier?
  18. Starting a lichess 4545 team f… MrGM What day of the week would each match be played on?
  19. Starting a lichess 4545 team f… Pat6578 May I be on your team? I was hoping to participate in Season 7
  20. Checkmate with five knights. acgusta2 In this game I checkmated my op…
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The Lichess team recently met up to work and socialize in Paris. Here is the summary.

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The lichess team is constantly creating new features for you to enjoy. Now we need your help to decide what to add next!

Tata Steel Chess: Week 1

Everything about the first week of the Tata Steel Chess tournament, live from Wijk aan Zee