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Black to play
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Hourly Crazyhouse 57m 31
U1600 Classical 57m 61
Hourly Classical 1h 57m 181
Hourly Blitz 57m 147
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 172
Hourly Bullet 27m 0
Weekly Classical 4h 5
Gheorghiu 7+2 Rated 2h 16
Azmaiparashvili 1+2 Rated 1h 21
Larsen 0+1 960 Rated 1h 22
Johner 3+2 Rated 1h 30m 13
Gunina 3+0 Rated 1h 10m 82
Alexander ½+1 Atom Rated 1h 13
Blackburne 5+1 45m 5
Malakhov 5+0 Atom Rated 35m 6
Tolush 3+2 3check 20m 3
Ftáčnik 3+0 Racing Rated 25m 2
Kosintseva 4+2 960 Rated 1h 2
Mariotti 7+2 Rated 1h 20m 1
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  1. Good strategy I guess? Justice_Roberts Thank you, would matchmaking be a good way to find better players?
  2. Karma's a bitch sometimes... GentjanLici comeon this is not chess
  3. Good strategy I guess? GentjanLici You are doing well, but you have to find some better players and chall…
  4. Good strategy I guess? Justice_Roberts someone please tell me if this …
  5. People playing with queen tpr There is no point in avoiding a good move 1...e5! for fear of a bad mo…
  6. New GAME called " Blocking" eestimale the king must be mated in order to win . you can chek the king anytime…
  7. People playing with queen TerribleGM @lurarose yes, and I like playing it... but on his level, everyone is …
  8. Karma's a bitch sometimes... CM Sarg0n So what, just practising on the mobile phone, in the train, 5 a.m... W…
  9. People playing with queen lurarose @TerribleGM e5 is a perfectly acceptable response to 1.e4 Italian, Sp…
  10. People playing with queen TerribleGM This is why against e4 you dont play e5 and expect Italian game or Ruy…
  11. People playing with queen lurarose Most of the time it is weak to bring out your queen early. However the…
  12. Karma's a bitch sometimes... lurarose That has to be disappointing for both sides. For black, being up 2…
  13. Blind mode steili Good suggestion!
  14. Blind mode Michael134096 Hard blind mode - no board, input only notation on keyboard. Medium b…
  15. white to move, mate in 2 (hard… michaldome quite easy one.
  16. white to move, mate in 2 (hard… onedaygmtherevenge easy queen sac and smooth mate
  17. white to move, mate in 2 (hard… tpr I found it easy to solve. On the other hand the position is illegal. …
  18. As white, how do you generally… tpr It is more difficult to find good squares for the Bishops than for the…
  19. Tournament types Egroegw These could be interesting, but how many people would be guaranteed to…
  20. Why would someone cheat at onl… CM Sarg0n US Cheating Federation, rated 2100...
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