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Eastern Classical 2h 30m 289
U2000 SuperBlitz 57m 75
U1700 Blitz 57m 80
Crazyhouse Blitz 57m 21
Hourly Blitz 57m 107
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 99
U1500 Classical 57m 29
Hourly Bullet 27m 0
Penrose ¼+0 Rated 2h 38
Dufresne 1+1 KotH Rated 2h 25
Kosteniuk 5+0 45m 8
Philidor 3+1 Anti 1h 10m 21
Koblencs 5+0 Rated 30m 9
Golmayo 2+1 Rated 20m 4
Filip 6+2 crazy 1h 2
Rellstab 5+0 Rated 1h 4
Fine 5+0 20m 1
Closed Game 7+2 Rated 45m 2
English Opening 5+0 Rated 2h 1
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  1. LM title being brought back? averagepleb2 iirc people who earned this title kept it, although it's not longer ob…
  2. Opponent resigned for no appar… tpr Yes, real life kicks in sometimes. Proposing a draw does not help, as …
  3. How I lost Ruy Lopez with Nxe5 tpr Agree with @EJAChess. However there are some finer points. After 4 Nx…
  4. Can Lichess' AI be a good way … checkmatenr1 I think you would beat AI level 5 to become a medium level player.
  5. Why can not I play a match wit… EJAChess I'm confused. "Why should I lose if I can beat the player"? How did yo…
  6. Opponent resigned for no appar… lurarose when stuff like this happens most of the time it is just RL came up, a…
  7. Why can not I play a match wit… Chessliveua Why can not I play a match with one player? Why should I ask for a rem…
  8. How I lost Ruy Lopez with Nxe5 EJAChess This made zero sense to me. I had to do at least three double-takes. …
  9. Opponent resigned for no appar… SpinRightRound Analysis shows that the last position is almost even (nobody has big a…
  10. How I lost Ruy Lopez with Nxe5 tpr Nxe5 is not bad at all. You got the better position. You lost because …
  11. LM title being brought back? TombRaiderIII I definetly want to know about too! His profile says 7 years old ukrai…
  12. LM title being brought back? Hellontostitos I saw with the LM title, I vividly remember …
  13. Can Lichess' AI be a good way … john2003 So, I've defeated AI Level 4. Am I considered a mid-level player?
  14. A well-known cheater! Dixie2011 Meh. When you play against a lower-rated opponent like that Spassky gu…
  15. A well-known cheater! Lionheart321 He doesn't play anymore because he was caught and banned. He then turn…
  16. How I lost Ruy Lopez with Nxe5 kiwiheretic Yeah, I think there is a strong psychological component in chess play.
  17. A well-known cheater! lucila-solis This guy was banned by the USA gov
  18. How I lost Ruy Lopez with Nxe5 Irishman964 @kiwiheretic Simple answer? Because humans don't play like compute…
  19. Search feature request: Notes … gyrating_kairos Simple way to find games with notes.
  20. A well-known cheater! LostEarthworm Nope, that's just the greatest chess player who ever lived.
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