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Hourly Classical 1h 57m 234
Hourly Bullet 27m 85
Hourly Crazyhouse 27m 0
U2000 SuperBlitz 57m 1
Hourly Blitz 57m 1
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 0
Weekly Classical 4h 4
Abbot 1.5+1 Anti Rated 45m 18
Selezniev 0+2 KotH Rated 2h 15
Bētiņš 0+1 Rated 45m 7
Pirc 2+0 Rated 20m 4
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  1. Network connection problems TheKillerSacrifice because We dont like sitting and waiting for 10 minutes. and you can o…
  2. Network connection problems mrjive Hi everyone is the second time this week that I lose a game just be…
  3. Strange Fide rule. Did you kno… SelfmateMan @LM OhNoMyPants #10 fully agree, an inc of 5 seconds could be defau…
  4. Computer analysis overloading … kiseiju Hi @Manuel2, In the analysis menu (bottom right in my browser) you …
  5. Computer analysis overloading … Manuel2 Everytime I do or tinker in a lichess computer analysis my CPU usage s…
  6. Carlsen-Nakamura. Who will be … IrinaC FM NobodyReally > thanx a lot!
  7. Carlsen-Nakamura. Who will be … LM OhNoMyPants Thanks for the reminder. Should be fun!
  8. Use minimum bullet rating thr… CM Kingscrusher-YouTube BTW in case I wasn't clear - I see a bullet rating as a kind of level …
  9. Use minimum bullet rating thr… CM Kingscrusher-YouTube Hi all For 5 minute tournaments, or say 5-3 increment etc I would l…
  10. Carlsen-Nakamura. Who will be … IrinaC Can anyone suggest a link to watch this? Thanx
  11. I do not agree training excers… Haleguathor1 If you play e6+ first black can play Bxe6 and the queen is protected b…
  12. I do not agree training excers… cemch I do not agree the answer to training excersise number 12387. You must…
  13. Carlsen-Nakamura. Who will be … FM NobodyReally @ All members. A reminder. The Carlsen-Nakamura final match is on 5…
  14. Bug report chessanalyst As I scroll through a game the page goes down. I click on the board to…
  15. Will Black lose or win? CreativeCheck In one of my games I got a position with Black pieces = 4 pawns 1 knig…
  16. Can someone explain how i lost… Obamabr its not about a sequence to checkmate, its about a possible position, …
  17. Unpredictable notification vol… piconthewall For a few days now the notification volume has become unpredictable. I…
  18. Can someone explain how i lost… FrustratingChess There is a possible mating sequence, but not within 50 moves? Idk how …
  19. Can someone explain how i lost… Chessy64 @Obamabr yea i was thinking that too as there are possible positions w…
  20. Can someone explain how i lost… Obamabr I hope white should be the winner because there are possible position …
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