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  1. Site Reconnecting PawnInTraining I received this message back to back at the start of 2 tournament game…
  2. the is only one site in the wo… Swarje In a 3 0 game I lose about 20-30s each game. On lichess.o…
  3. What happened to the "time pla… nckqefhm yay! It's back
  4. Help, please, Can I download … ThingsFallApart @Trainerself You can download all of your games from your profile …
  5. Is this the most beautiful Lic… TheDudeAbides "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
  6. Feature Request: Variant "Two … vkrish Sounds complicated. They need to program all the things, and on top of…
  7. Help, please, Can I download … Trainerself in lichess*
  8. Is this the most beautiful Lic… lurarose It was a nice win for you as black, but not one of the most beautiful …
  9. How do I create a training ses… TheKillerSacrifice Play an unrated agme against yourself
  10. How do I create a training ses… ReTestone Hello staff, since playing blitz there has been a fun and beautiful…
  11. Is this the most beautiful Lic… CM Sarg0n Well, when you say it... Actually I am afraid I've seen some other gam…
  12. Magnus Carlsen lost to an Amat… karun0109 Cool video. thanks for sharing. Must have made that guy's year.
  13. Help, please, Can I download … Hatterix has a large database, and all…
  14. Magnus Carlsen lost to an Amat… Vgm1 The rare chess game Magnus Carlsen - Tachat Vardapetyan, Yerevan, 2014…
  15. Feature Request: Variant "Two … Nordlandia Wild 9 is one of the more unusual wild variants. Instead of the usual …
  16. I have no idea what you are ta… DrHack I am in need of a thread to refer to when I have no idea how to answer…
  17. I LOVE THIS SITE! Thank you th… nattramnms Yes, Lichess is the best chess site. My favourite thing about it, besi…
  18. Help, please, Can I download … Trainerself If it is possible, can you explain me? thanks
  19. What is a fällningsreaktion? grtne thanks everyone
  20. I LOVE THIS SITE! Thank you th… BoardToTears Thanks for providing a great alternative to! Excellent job a…
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