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  1. Bad puzzles BCJ Obvious mate in 2....but compute […]
  2. Correspondence Tournaments znthnk I would enjoy seeing this implemented if possible as well.
  3. Hard to find Lichess Variant rules znthnk I was surprised how much I liked playing Atomic, despite my ineptness, […]
  4. Extra time Soccol How is calculated the extra time added after each played?
  5. Correspondence Tournaments ttenley Are there plans to have the ability to do Correspondence tournaments l […]
  6. If Magnus Carlsen plays a coup […] Dionysus_god Even Carlsen usually plays inaccuracies, if you check his games throug […]
  7. If Magnus Carlsen plays a coup […] rise_UIED "If Magnus Carlsen plays a couple of games on lichess, would the cheat […]
  8. If Magnus Carlsen plays a coup […] Dionysus_god ehh if Nakamura played here I'm sure he'd play blitz/bullet and make p […]
  9. Playing the Bongcloud opening […] andonuts The bongcloud is one of the most aggressive and highly held openings o […]
  10. Advice: Positional Mistakes e4_guy For me it looks as white used an engine. It's simply too accurate pl […]
  11. Chess Pieces TheIceManV Lord of the Rings/Hobbits chess pieces??? Or Star Wars???? Or Harry […]
  12. New game mode idea LeMusique it could be the Trollface variant. I may wield the staggering grip on […]
  13. Prevalence of one colour LeMusique So lately I have been playing a majority of atomic games, and today I […]
  14. New game mode idea TheIceManV Are you comparing your game to another person's game? And are you tryi […]
  15. If Magnus Carlsen plays a coup […] winstonchills he's still human..naka maybe
  16. Advice: Positional Mistakes JPTriton @XPJ-v134 I weighed b5 and did consider the preparation, but I thou […]
  17. Advice: Positional Mistakes naclmolecule No problem, hopefully it was helpful.
  18. Advice: Positional Mistakes XPJ-v134 6..c5 is playable and indeed "theory", but you do a strategical mistak […]
  19. Advice: Positional Mistakes JPTriton Ah I see, yeah... e5 first does look nice - well, to my eye at least. […]
  20. Advice: Positional Mistakes naclmolecule Well, to be fair, I think after c5, the f5 plan is worse and maybe b5 […]
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