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  1. best chess related movies kettwiesel Schachnovelle (The book is much better)
  2. best chess related movies Scala Life of a King (2013) I dont saw it yet... Its with Cuba Gooding Jr […]
  3. best chess related movies Dionysus_god Not counting documentaries. I have very limited chess documentary expo […]
  4. best chess related movies kkinley The only chess movie I've seen is "Searching For Bobby Fischer."
  5. LichessTV ThreeCheck HSDSamalama Hey! It would be cool for the viewers to see how many checks were giv […]
  6. best chess related movies Dionysus_god I recommend The Seventh Seal, just because it's of a higher caliber th […]
  7. best chess related movies Dionysus_god Searching for BF was by far the best one I've seen. The Seventh S […]
  8. best chess related movies RookMassacre1851 I wonder if Pawn Sacrfice will be any good this year. Hopefully Peter […]
  9. best chess related movies kkinley List some of the best chess movies ·Searching for Bobby Fischer
  10. Someone bumps into GM Hansen ( […] DVRazor 1. e4 was really strong. A GM move indeed :]
  11. Bug with tablet app Awake77 please any answer?
  12. Someone bumps into GM Hansen ( […] GambitBuddha Tough positional game
  13. Game of the century played tod […] GambitBuddha That subtle queen moves are delicious.
  14. Sounds for game playback mega there should be an option to turn it off, I on the other side don't li […]
  15. Most "theoretic" chess varian sakram #4 same problem with atomic chess and 3check. I cant que a game of 15 0 or more.
  16. Most "theoretic" chess varian andonuts @casualr: I agree, the openings are boring, and fairly forced lines. O […]
  17. Most "theoretic" chess varian casualr The problem of antichess that it has been practically solved. The low […]
  18. Most "theoretic" chess varian andonuts Antichess, more than most players of it realize. Memorization and long […]
  19. Auto Pairing Pools? DunnoItAll The main advantage is the increased reliability and thus increased com […]
  20. Auto Pairing Pools? Clarkey I guess we'll have to wait and see. It's a pretty big decision to a […]
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