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Denker 7+2 Rated 1h 20m 3
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  2. Advanced Search qkxwsm Hooray, the advanced search is up again! Thanks, lichess developers!
  3. RollBuckeyes Anyone here play at ? If so, have you ever mad…
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  5. I want to have a avatar photo… Xan_San Why do lichess not have this feature?
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  7. How do I not play terribly? Neverness Show us some of your games.
  8. How do I not play terribly? oats Are you short of ideas?
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  10. Rated only win/loss/draw perce… imbecilexix On my profile,i can see my rated games plus my casual ones.But they do…
  11. 15 seconds rule kills us!!! shadiiiii I mean can you lichess guys do somthing about it?
  12. 15 seconds rule kills us!!! shadiiiii Many of us suffer from connection problems (slow net, loading error, .…
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  19. bug in search engine Pipapoh sorry, if the following issue was posted before: today i noticed, t…
  20. Computer Analysis - Show more … Khanage I know what you mean. The analysis is absolutely fantastic, but over t…
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Lichess Summer Marathon Tournament

and a bonus sneak peek at the next major feature of lichess!

lichess mobile 2.0

This week we published a new, revamped lichess mobile application!

Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.