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  1. What are your biggest pet peev […] Dionysus_god " people who mistakenly and constantly click on 960" Yes, very anno […]
  2. "openings" Dionysus_god "It is not as open and is more secure than a kings gambit for sure. I […]
  3. What are your biggest pet peev […] galaxie-500 1) people who mistakenly and constantly click on 960 thinking that it […]
  4. server load and again premove errors qoataop Obviously it is the server load. Impossible to play again. minutes of […]
  5. What are your biggest pet peev […] ChestnutTreeCafe Or, the comical offer you a draw just as you are about to beat the stu […]
  6. "openings" Toscani Think twice before playing your first move. Do you really believe play […]
  7. What are your biggest pet peev […] andonuts Another one: "I don't want to play this variant, and I'm more than a […]
  8. What are your biggest pet peev […] andonuts People who try to win games with rapid time controls (15|0 and up) on […]
  9. question and suggestion ItalianPlayer hi, ij have not responce and j want tell: suggestion, in the search g […]
  10. What are your biggest pet peev […] ChestnutTreeCafe People that taunt you via the chat room when you start to contemplate […]
  11. Request new feature andonuts Aborted games disappear after a day.
  12. Request new feature hikaru2 First of all, thanks for your work and this great website. I would […]
  13. "openings" Dionysus_god "Do you have a system against the Bird which immediately exposes the w […]
  14. Leaderboards moi373737 It was already asked by somebody and one of the person who manages the […]
  15. [Suggestion] Real chat Xarthos Hello everyone, First of all, congrats for the website, and the re […]
  16. "openings" Dionysus_god #4, it is common sense. The only thing that opens the king more th […]
  17. "openings" qoataop I like birds. The sounds they make is exactly what makes me comfortabl […]
  18. "openings" mietk People who play the Bird often set up a kind of reversed Stonewall str […]
  19. Improving without studying Robkin stunning about #16! I am a veteran and have played thous […]
  20. Analysis runs forever qoataop I wanted to check one of 3 games against a suspected cheater and alrea […]
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