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 Barton  2+0 Anti Rated 2h  2/4
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  1. Feature request: Clear games i […] hek Hi. I often play vs engine here on lichess, and I notice that unfinish […]
  2. Better boards for lichess? DunnoItAll Seriously, "difficult to implement" is just silliness. Changing the b […]
  3. Cheating anoneal01 thought he might've been worth playing at least too since he had GM_vo […]
  4. Cheating anoneal01 same 'ere m8 my rating has always been low ever since I started but th […]
  5. stupid avast LM AdmiralA #32 […]
  6. filtering on the translations page Hellball I'm not sure incremental search would add a lot to the experience, but […]
  7. stupid avast static_shadow #32 I grew up as a computer hobbyist in the 90s, back when tinkering […]
  8. stupid avast rozebottel Why don't you guys install linux and be done with virusscanners for good?
  9. stupid avast static_shadow Aww #29 how cute. Is this your first day on the internet?
  10. importance of rating mwghost I recently read that in some scientific study they proved that the sec […]
  11. filtering on the translations page rozebottel That's how I did it so far. Doesn't give me overview, but it's better […]
  12. Blitz tournament for lower rat […] Calinou There could be weekly tournaments with Swiss system instead of Arena.
  13. Punishing a weaker opponent Bourbon53 I would also like to share this game: […]
  14. Punishing a weaker opponent Bourbon53 As an average chess player, i take great pride when i play a game in w […]
  15. importance of rating Calinou Here we use Glicko, not Elo. :P Look at my rating, it is much worse […]
  16. How many games a day do you play? Calinou Games played per day could be automatically calculated then shown on p […]
  17. stupid avast LM AdmiralA Tell that to Mikko Hypponen. Dan Kaminsky did, and scurried away wi […]
  18. stupid avast Calinou Anti-viruses are useless, they are sold and used because of myths.
  19. Cheating wernerxp add on. i was trying to game this guy so i tried to change my first mo […]
  20. Cheating wernerxp what busted. this is some guy who gives up after the first move. i jus […]
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