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Daily SuperBlitz 1h 20m 36
Hourly Blitz 50m 54
Hourly Bullet 40m 46
Kling  1+0 Anti Rated 2h 5
Pirc  3+0 Atom Rated 40m 2
Ponomariov  5+1 Anti 55m 7
Nyholm  2+0 40m 5
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  1. what a come back gomsen12 nicely done :)
  2. What is the best (faster) brow […] AdityaPrakash5000 How is safari for iOS ?
  3. What is the best (faster) brow […] BluesOn chrome is not open source.
  4. What is the best (faster) brow […] TheIceManV Yeah, I use Chrome. Works really well.
  5. Increase dimensions of forum " […] thibault I think all modern browsers let you resize the field easily, don't they?
  6. Increase dimensions of forum " […] Toadofsky Could the "message" field be wider? Typing extended responses (a para […]
  7. How would you feel to lose the […] bihukujiko reduce blunder. too many. Analysis is after that.
  8. Winning a tournament. Carn7vOor Thibault fixed the bug already. So this topic can be closed!
  9. Use own engine Dlls for post-g […] CM Kingscrusher-YouTube BTW I have done a 5 minute commentary video where I emphase some point […]
  10. Ranking AdityaPrakash5000 Agreement from my side.
  11. Tournament ranking bug thibault It's fixed.
  12. Use own engine Dlls for post-g […] CM Kingscrusher-YouTube Is it possible to have a post-game analysis option to use one's own pr […]
  13. Winning a tournament. Carn7vOor Can someone please explain to me how this is possible? => […]
  14. Tournament ranking bug LarsenB Confirmed, it just happened in the last bullet tournament http://en.l […]
  15. Ranking german-warrior It would be nice if we knew the exact no. that we are ranked at on th […]
  16. Tournament ranking bug VerticesEdge Hey it appears in the Hourly bullet that if a player loses one or more […]
  17. Progression chart request runslack I'd like even more: choose charts I want to display.
  18. What is the best (faster) brow […] Nils-Hero I also did this test: and got: Firefox […]
  19. What is the best (faster) brow […] Nils-Hero Check out (Test lasts a bit) I g […]
  20. What is the best (faster) brow […] BluesOn i use firefox,and it's fine!
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