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  1. Are the anti-cheat mods on hol… achja Hi dear readers, Yesterday I've reported a user. More than 30 ga…
  2. How to defend vs knight attack… Hellball Thanks, but I was looking for more examples of dealing with this patte…
  3. Sinquefield tournament relay? Unihedron The relay is dead. It may be back one day. Good things comes to those …
  4. Chess book Amc-AntonPg Ok i have not understand a thing you had said sorry
  5. How to defend vs knight attack… Hellball This pattern: You can see how I cont…
  6. Chess book Amc-AntonPg Ok thanks
  7. Sinquefield tournament relay? darken Why isn't the Sinquefield tournament being relayed?
  8. loss by maintenance sjosep I think my game with Chessturko I was winning, when was disconnected b…
  9. Chess book achja Years ago I enjoyed : * the 1953 tourney book * "My 60 memorable g…
  10. Takeback button in Analysis Bo… mizrandir It would be useful if the Analysis Board had a takeback button (like i…
  11. Chess book Amc-AntonPg What book do you recommend me?
  12. An other 2100+ victim of the T… azadi 7.e3-e4?? is very usual for bullet
  13. An other 2100+ victim of the T… Chessty_McBiggins Tough luck for any women who want to play I guess.
  14. Servers around the world? roger_sterling Do you have plans to start hosting servers around the globe? I'm in…
  15. A mascot for lichess Neverness Will it be kawaii? =P
  16. A mascot for lichess rise_UIED Wouldn't it be great for lichess to introduce an easily recognizable, …
  17. puzzle 22354 Unihedron 2. Rd7 Qxc3 There is no mate in five. Game over, goodbye.
  18. Better Forum Chess_Agent That will happen... But lichess is not run by employees. It's run b…
  19. An other 2100+ victim of the T… Dionysus_god "who said chess was a gentleman's game anyway?" -eatchipss Chess is…
  20. Better Forum Scala Hi Why don't improve the forum, with the possibility of insert pictur…
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Lichess Summer Marathon Tournament

and a bonus sneak peek at the next major feature of lichess!

lichess mobile 2.0

This week we published a new, revamped lichess mobile application!

Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.