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 Hourly Bullet 30m  2
 Hourly Blitz 50m  20
 Zhang  0+1 960 Rated 2h  1/4
 Hull  5+0 KotH Rated 30m  1/4
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  1. Chess tatics play to loose gemurdock The machine would play the counter move to show you why it was a bad m […]
  2. Chess tatics play to loose gemurdock I would like to have the possibility to loose with tatics. Let me e […]
  3. Discourage time wasters or peo […] Toadofsky Pools do this. I wish pools offered a greater variety of time controls.
  4. Discourage time wasters or peo […] jonathantheh "Yes I use that, but I think if there was a rating penalty it might be […]
  5. Chess Challenge polski_ogorkie I am going to play 5 people at the same time, casual, 25+0, first five […]
  6. Chess Challenge polski_ogorkie nope, I just find the name "polski ogorkie" funny. P.S. would you […]
  7. Can we have figures look differently? Barabas_ its actually, very easy to pait 5 more types of shapes, its like few h […]
  8. how to castle. goldilocks move the king two squares right or left.
  9. how to castle. Kropotkin I don't know how to castle on my computer. Anyone? Thank you.
  10. Upgraded to iOS 8 on iPad, eve […] conor34 I'm sure it's Apples fault but I'd imagine lots of users may have a si […]
  11. Objective Elo in a game cafestream Quite informative and insightful post, OneOfTheQ #8
  12. Objective Elo in a game chess240 As was mentioned, the current rating system rewards a win as a win, an […]
  13. Scheduled maintenance l_alexsp1 I don't mean to be rude or ungrateful, but it's really annoying that r […]
  14. Live relay of top level tournaments claymore It's been suggested, and I think it's on the todo list... but I don't […]
  15. Live relay of top level tournaments ShockWave I have recently discovered Lichess and I enjoy my time here very much. […]
  16. Objective Elo in a game OneOfTheQ Well, while any objective measure based on move quality wouldn't be id […]
  17. Objective Elo in a game Toadofsky I agree with TinchoVM. You could invent metrics for the "quality" of […]
  18. Objective Elo in a game TinchoVM No. It's technically impossible. ELO is an statistical concept. And as […]
  19. Objective Elo in a game beefsupreme Thank you for your effort, however missing the point.
  20. Objective Elo in a game nautilusomega One game tells nothing(so there is nothing objective in it). Also Elo […]
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