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 Hourly Blitz 50m  0
 Hourly Bullet 30m  2
 Tuttle  7+2 Rated 40m  1/6
 Tate  7+2 KotH Rated 2h  1/4
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  1. 1 minute per move Wofford Sounds crazy, would definitely try it if it was available...
  2. how does lichess support itself? Wofford how do I donate in €? I asked but got no reply
  3. Is the exchange French so bad? Wofford I play exchange with white because I most of the time prefer open positions.
  4. Rated games random color mandatory cafestream This has been discussed several times previously. http://en.lichess […]
  5. Rated games random color mandatory AncientRo Rated games should be with random color mandatory. It is not right tha […]
  6. Leaderboards Saptarshi10 Maybe possible, however I don't think that it will happen
  7. Leaderboards moi373737 There is now correspondance chess but we can't see the 10 best players […]
  8. Improving without studying Dolg #5: I've you like to learn openings with the help of other chess playe […]
  9. Playing against myself megawolt I created a game (2+2) and waited for about 4 minutes, nobody joined, […]
  10. Improving without studying Houdini90 Thank you Aceta for the link and your recommendation :)
  11. Preferences mCoombes314 I think these are good ideas - one thing I would like is for the chall […]
  12. Not able to join a correspondence game? Ksobox3 Hi everybody, when I try to join a correspondence game offered by o […]
  13. Can three-check be solved? Jaque_Mate No pro. ... I was a bit confused, because I just read it and did not r […]
  14. Improving without studying l33t_5l4ck3r #8 Thanks for your input. I should have expressed myself better, […]
  15. Can three-check be solved? Wafflesmack yeah with current computing power it would take too long, like a coupl […]
  16. Improving without studying static_shadow I tried to read this thread, but when I saw all the walls of text with […]
  17. duplicate reply glitch Wafflesmack and my computer wasn't even that slow to load that time :)
  18. Can three-check be solved? Jaque_Mate Sorry, I thought that solvable meant that the computer could figure ou […]
  19. duplicate reply glitch Wafflesmack every time you click the reply button (after solving captcha), the sit […]
  20. Can three-check be solved? Wafflesmack think of it like this a computer crunches all the numbers and figurin […]
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