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  1. Three-check analysis ayiya How three-check analysis?
  2. Why doesn't the NFL adhere to […] cafestream heard of "Rooney Rule"?
  3. Everything c3 Sicilian ChessWhiz I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing it.
  4. PUZZLE FAILED? tabarjack Although these positions are clearly won for white, these puzzles (and […]
  5. PUZZLE FAILED? tabarjack Your proposed move is actually 3rd best. Qxg6 is by far the best, also […]
  6. Can we have figures look differently? TinchoVM I apologize. I think Barabas would like to have different chess sets t […]
  7. Everything c3 Sicilian kikacrownz Thank you! Thanks for the support! :)
  8. Lichess Enhancements Chrome extension hasc ScarletPimpernel, I have added the ability to use the old Lichess soun […]
  9. Why doesn't the NFL adhere to […] Hellball Isn't the NFL something like 80% African-American as it is? Why would […]
  10. Replay the game with exact move times companal2 the times are already recorded, it's just a matter of visually present […]
  11. Lichess Enhancements Chrome extension karimov Hi hasc, it is a great addon. However I have a few idea: - The f […]
  12. Help me think Chess is not agonizing AnonSuomi Hi, I agree with the previous comments, the best way to move forward i […]
  13. PUZZLE FAILED? OneOfTheQ Qxa5 is also very winning, of course. The puzzle prefers Qxg6 beca […]
  14. PUZZLE FAILED? littlewing237 Failed at last move where i ta […]
  15. KoTH analysis oddity NM amazingoid It's not a bug, it was a mate in 4. You finished the game in 2 moves b […]
  16. Lichess Enhancements Chrome extension hasc It should be possible. I will see what I can do :)
  17. KoTH analysis oddity mCoombes314 I'm not calling this a bug, but it is quite odd : I just analysed a ga […]
  18. Discourage time wasters or peo […] ScarletPimpernel It's a pain in the backside and it happens all the time. Penalise them […]
  19. Everything c3 Sicilian smiling_bishop Cool. Keep up the good work ;)
  20. Lichess Enhancements Chrome extension ScarletPimpernel Hey this is great stuff! You wouldn't, by any chance, be able to help […]
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