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 Hourly Bullet 30m  0
 Leonard  3+0 Rated 45m  2/10
 McIntyre  1+0 Rated 40m  3/10
 Godfrey  0+1 Rated 40m  2/4
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  2. Rematch bug henny After a few moves lichess does not react. I have been able to get to […]
  3. Rematch bug PigsRule Thanks for the reply, thibault.
  4. ipad Hellball Another player had the same issue and fixed it by updating: http:// […]
  5. ipad henny since 19 october my ipad locks after a few moves.
  6. Buy my book,I am International Master Haru_Dragojimaji Interesting point of view Clarkey. It's good to have this freedom here […]
  7. How to follow players now? Clarkey If they've disallowed followers the button will not be visible. The bu […]
  8. How to follow players now? mandeep Typically I would hover over a player's name to follow that player, ho […]
  9. Good game I played at the ches […] Nerwal Black was a pawn up for nothing after a bad opening by white and lost […]
  10. 3d chess set feedback goldilocks I now only play with the 3D - it really is the only 3D set I have ever […]
  11. Open chat room goldilocks I see your points, Hellball. But our experience with reddit are differ […]
  12. Open chat room Hellball Here's the problem. Reddit has a poor reputation and primarily attr […]
  13. preference page conor34 Click your username and it's in the dropdown.
  14. PGN window while playing Clarkey I personally can't tell you when anything will happen. But I'd say "wi […]
  15. Good game I played at the ches […] Texo So, I am a rather low-rated player who begun at the local chess club r […]
  16. Show piece destinations (vali […] ploop I agree with this.
  17. 4 in a row Dolg Hi guys, I recently played a game where we had 4 checks in a row. […]
  18. Open chat room goldilocks @Chess_Agent - mostly agree. Moderators seeing chat - in practice thi […]
  19. PGN window while playing staddum I'm not sure how actively you do updates. Would you say we're still li […]
  20. PGN window while playing Clarkey Fairly sure it's practically the next thing on the to do list once the […]
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