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MikeEhrmantraut 1662
boratkazak 1337


maratustra 1500


dek 1837
S4N0I 1816
shinano 1783
Milann 1605
romdouze 1523
krauzand 1481
kubko4 1379


device82 1500
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auto-pairing pools
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  2. Bug - Chart in profile page do […] thibault Works here. What browser are you using?
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  11. My opinion of the new rating system. Cynosure Yes, lost points for games with cheaters are included.
  12. My opinion of the new rating system. smndvd With disabling colour choice in rated games, of course.
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  15. How about KotH960? allibek is it possible? such funny game!!!
  16. Rating does not change thibault It will be fixed in a hour or two.
  17. Rating does not change chunkymonkey I mentioned it to Thibault yesterday and he's aware of it.
  18. Rating does not change watchmeloose Yeah the ratings seem to be having a fit, I just won a CASUAL game and […]
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