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  1. Chess memes Dionysus_god Sollerman takes the cake! Nice one.
  2. Bye Bye Greece Cynosure (NB pinned to prevent multiple Greece threads cropping up).
  3. Bye Bye Greece Cynosure #10 repost: All governments are. But what is happening in Greece […]
  4. Bye Bye Greece Cynosure tl;dr, there is no way in hell this vote has given Greece a stronger h […]
  5. Chess memes Sollerman something I just came up with
  6. Bye Bye Greece rise_UIED My opinion is heavily biased ... so no, in this case I view us (the na […]
  7. The analysis arrows and circle […] Dionysus_god I disagree. They aren't overly small or large, and if they were thinne […]
  8. Bye Bye Greece Dionysus_god I wonder if you would consider the fact that your own governments are […]
  9. Bye Bye Greece Dionysus_god Seems to be a popular perspective.
  10. Bye Bye Greece rise_UIED I sincerely hope they get kicked out of the Eurozone. I have no sympat […]
  11. Bye Bye Greece Cynosure If we take the house, at least we can rent it to recoup some losses. E […]
  12. The analysis arrows and circle […] DirtyHarryTheHPawn It's nice to be able to left click and make arrows and circles on lich […]
  13. Chess memes MoralIntentions I think #2 is incorrect, h2-g3 seems like a good move to me if pawns c […]
  14. Chess memes Dionysus_god […]
  15. Chess memes Dionysus_god […]
  16. Bye Bye Greece chunkymonkey #2 In five years time they'll still owe 350 billion euros but the euro […]
  17. 3check chess and my future with it andonuts Toadofsky's Stockfish fork isn't the only 3+ engine, there's also puls […]
  18. Bye Bye Greece Dionysus_god What, pray tell, is the European dream? I'm only aware of the American […]
  19. Chess memes nitsuga […]
  20. Bye Bye Greece Cynosure No way, they owe 350 billion euros - they can have the LPs and the dog […]
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Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.

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