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  1. A comedy of errors Masquerade 6. e5 This move is perfectly fine according to the computer. Your r […]
  2. Favorite Chess Quotes Usolando Capablanca wanted to change the rules already, back in the twenties, b […]
  3. A comedy of errors Masquerade I am not particularly strong in chess yet, however, I can give you my […]
  4. Favorite Chess Quotes Zugzwang69 Maybe...Some one can help me with who said this..."The mistakes are al […]
  5. Favorite Chess Quotes queue "Checkmate!" Somehow it's more fun to quote that line than to listen […]
  6. Favorite Chess Quotes Zugzwang69 I'd like to hear Li Chess members favorite chess quotes...I'll start w […]
  7. snatched defeat from the jaws […] queue all in all, nothing to see here but […]
  8. PGN briandking SCID says move 20 for black (c5) is not possible. Move 16 for black wa […]
  9. Feature-request: js-based 'x' […] thetasquared Cool idea. I just noticed there's a "more" button to see a timeline of […]
  10. Feature-request: js-based 'x' […] awesomer would love to have that with messages on the main page, top left (the […]
  11. Blocking players calmar Hi all, how can I block anonymous players in the 'diagram'? Sometimes […]
  12. Road to 2000: Game #1 Masquerade I noticed, looking back on the game. That the knights never left the s […]
  13. Road to 2000: Game #1 Masquerade Hey everyone! I am a learning chess player with a USCF rating currentl […]
  14. 3 check bugs/improvement sugguestions mCoombes314 Variants from position would be great - it has been suggested before, […]
  15. 3 check bugs/improvement sugguestions washeiri There are two problems that I observed regarding chess variants in gen […]
  16. Blitz game seanysean wheres the future game u plan on showing??
  17. TEAM The Bullet Players seanysean :-? well? is anyone joining??
  18. Your favorite beverage of all time Dionysus_god I like Guava juice, but my absolute favorite drink has to be golden ho […]
  19. chess puzzles seanysean great puzzle eh?
  20. Your favorite beverage of all time rise_UIED The one you could gulp down every day! For me it's litchi juice.
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Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.

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