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Bug reports, feature requests, suggestions

Views Replies Last post
U1800 tournament 294 2
by ChessLearningPro
Playing different variants against Simul host at the same time(mini simul for each player) 281 0
by alercelik
Endgame training 3,682 49
by Narkefok_Vidda
For mating puzzles, allow moves that still can constitute a mate as a "good move". 331 1
by The_Laminator
Is 'Horde' a fair variant? 632 12
by BillyBob123
[Dev Stuff] Any ETA on return of the player game list API functionality? 1,065 11
by rohangupta4398
Rating games abusers and game seek ranges 335 3
by DaanNoordenbos
Feature Request - Training Rankings 145 3
by jorjo
Feature request: Play Style 357 3
by noob2chess
Replace Lichess Basics Mistake Horn - "Wah Wah Wah" 337 2
by The_Knightmare