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Top chess coaches

IM AstanehChess lichess coach

IM Alex Astaneh Lopez

Individual & Group Coaching Provided. Methodical and Adaptable.

Location Cork, Ireland
Languages English, Spanish
Rating FIDE: 2417, 2506 2557 2621 2444 2237
Hourly rate €40 (or €55 for 1.5 hours)
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
FM Kaldas90 lichess coach

FM Kamil Plichta

Online streamer. I have huge knowledge in opening preparation. First lesson only 15$.

Location Poznan, Poland
Languages English, Polish
Rating FIDE: 2338, 2449 2539 2256 2112
Hourly rate $20/h standard, first lesson $15/h, sparring games with commentary $15/h
Availability Accepting students
FM LordRaziel18 lichess coach

FM Jose Mora

High Performance Coach

Location Caracas, Venezuela
Languages Español, English
Rating FIDE: 2234, 2225
Hourly rate 10$
Availability Accepting students
LM Lance5500 lichess coach

LM Mr Lance

"Chess is like bodybuilding. If you train every day, you stay in top shape. It is the same with your brain – chess is a matter of daily training." - Vladimir Kramnik

Location Online, Russia
Languages English, Russian
Rating 2749 2376 2614 2358 2286
Hourly rate Similar to famous streamers from UK and Ireland.
Availability Accepting students
IM jsdbv lichess coach

IM Jorge Bobadilla

El entrenamiento es importante, pero mas importante es saber entrenar

Location Barquisimeto , Venezuela
Languages Español
Rating FIDE: 2297, 2411 2118 1947
Hourly rate 12$ (incluye material y seguimiento) 10h por 90$ y 20h por 160$
Availability Accepting students
GM TalBaron-YouTube lichess coach

GM Tal Baron

Opening Guru for 2500+ players

Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Languages English, Hebrew.
Rating FIDE: 2560, 2582 2633 2133
Hourly rate 600$/Month. More details on my site.
Availability Accepting students
GM CyrilMarcelin lichess coach

GM Cyril Marcelin

A motivated coach looking for motivated students!

Location Kössen, Austria
Languages french, german, english
Rating FIDE: 2472, 2566
Hourly rate 40€/1h, 70€/2h, 95€/3h
Availability Accepting students
CM Kingscrusher-YouTube lichess coach

CM Tryfon Gavriel

Learn how to crush kings the Kingscrusher way!

Location London, United Kingdom
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2170, 2371 2263 2293 2045 1921
Hourly rate 40 US dollars
Availability Accepting students
FM PetarBosnjak lichess coach

FM Petar Bošnjak

I am here to teach you how to work on your own :)

Location Zagreb, Croatia
Languages Croatian and english
Rating FIDE: 2275, 2511 2488 2273
Hourly rate 20$
Availability Accepting students
IM piongu lichess coach

IM Piotr Nguyen

Fixing bugs in your decision making process :)

Location Warsaw, Poland
Languages English, Polish
Rating FIDE: 2435, 2298 2311
Hourly rate 20$ (paypal preferred)
Availability Accepting students