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Top chess coaches

FM newbie87 lichess coach

FM Alessandro Santagati

Completely customized program

Location Catania, Italy
Languages English, Italian
Rating FIDE: 2296, 2168 2261 2204 2031 1637
Hourly rate 29$
Availability Accepting students
CM VNeustroev lichess coach

CM Viktor Neustroev

Experienced chess coach. Specializing in openings and tactics.

Location Novosibirsk, Russia
Languages English, Russian
Rating FIDE: 2211, 1881 2243 2360
Hourly rate $25 per 60 mins (including support between lessons)
Availability Accepting students
CM Kingscrusher-YouTube lichess coach

CM Tryfon Gavriel

Learn how to crush kings the Kingscrusher way!

Location London, United Kingdom
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2170, 2540 2263 2293 2045 1921
Hourly rate 40 US dollars
Availability Accepting students
IM RL12 lichess coach

IM Richard Leyva Proenza

El talento se pule con esfuerzo y perseverancia,trabajo constante y serio es mi politica.

Location San Juan de los Morros, Venezuela
Languages Español,Ingles
Rating FIDE: 2333, 2549 2384
Hourly rate 10 dolares,contacto y
Availability Accepting students
IM AstanehChess lichess coach

IM Alex Astaneh Lopez

Individual & Group Coaching Provided. Methodical and Adaptable.

Location Cork, Ireland
Languages English, Spanish
Rating FIDE: 2417, 2570 2557 2621 2444 2237
Hourly rate €40 (or €55 for 1.5 hours)
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
IM mostrovski lichess coach

IM Andrey Ostrovskiy

Eager to improve your chess? You are welcome! I have 16 years of the real tournament chess experience. I have been a full-time online chess coach for last two years.

Location Bielefeld, Germany
Languages English, Українська, Русский
Rating FIDE: 2441, 2611
Hourly rate 30$/1 hour; 500$/20 hours
Availability Accepting students
IM Falkenauge lichess coach

IM Radek Gajek

cheap coaching for players on all levels

Location Wien/ Langenzersdorf , Austria
Languages German, English, Russian, Polish
Rating FIDE: 2442, 2633 2578 2554 1862
Hourly rate 10€/ hour , 6th hour free if You spend in one month 5 hours with me.
Availability Accepting students
FM lovlas lichess coach

FM Lasse Østebø Løvik

Experienced Norwegian coach. Been lucky enough to have worked with most of the Norwegian youth.

Location Stavanger, Norway
Languages Norwegian, English
Rating FIDE: 2378, 2527 2523 2388
Hourly rate 30 USD/h
Availability Accepting students
FM PetarBosnjak lichess coach

FM Petar Bošnjak

I am here to teach you how to work on your own :)

Location Zagreb, Croatia
Languages Croatian and english
Rating FIDE: 2275, 2488 2454 2273
Hourly rate 20$
Availability Accepting students
FM LordRaziel18 lichess coach

FM Jose Mora

High Performance Coach

Location Caracas, Venezuela
Languages Español, English
Rating FIDE: 2234, 2243
Hourly rate 10$
Availability Accepting students