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Bug reports, feature requests, suggestions

Views Replies Last Post
Bug - Chart in profile page does not load. 60 2
by AWinner
My opinion of the new rating system. 2,723 74
by Bouchard
New variant: Three-check 544 2
by farnsworth
The sound moves have changed (castling, takes) 72 2
by karimov
Takeback/Draw offer should be limited 111 3
by farnsworth
Bug with rating range in "create game" 17 0
by Patrizsche
KoTH seek game problem 71 1
by thibault
Bug: Ratings broken / inconsistent during game & outside game. 247 6
by AWinner
Ratings recalculation 144 1
by woodswoods
Global rating vs. specific rating when seeking 190 3
by Clarkey