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Bug reports, feature requests, suggestions

Views Replies Last post
Display a clock in analysis board 1,123 6
by ozweepay
Puzzle 20819 159 3
by jimj12
Cheating in rated games and balance. 84 0
by lorek
Suggestion: Saved game settings 111 0
by asifmallik
Dafuq happened ... ??? 1,861 11
by SeriusKillah
puzzle 8981 99 2
by Isaiah4031
Always play "Color" against friend 239 3
by EugeneJudo
how can lichess know for sure that the person that they give the GM in front of their name is actually that or a gm? 251 2
by mayweather-money
More statistics and metainfo plz! 638 13
by jvs
puzzle theme 132 0
by Dromihete