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Bug reports, feature requests, suggestions

Views Replies Last post
Puzzles against other players 231 4
by Ulver
Rating Range broken? 222 2
by MouseSlip
Suggestions regarding quick player info 229 8
by TheIceManV
Forum Improvement 179 2
by chunkymonkey
Feature Request: Make a sound when someone accepts a game offer 261 5
by MouseSlip
BUG: Rating hasn't changed on a rated game that ended in a checkmate 149 2
by sdiqx
Lichess Graphical Extras Website 665 15
by DunnoItAll
A "My tournaments" idea 362 1
by Kapsarov
Hello team of Lichess!!! 295 2
by CautiousKamikaze
Bliz game length bug 187 1
by Unihedron