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Bug reports, feature requests, suggestions

Views Replies Last Post
Stockfish 8 openings 280 3
by Legit-Lobster
Start new game button gone 394 9
by jkr
Feature Request: please return the highlight of the "better move" during analysis. 394 4
by rzenaikrzys
The red box which is highlighted for the best move in the game analysis is gone? 128 1
by Clarkey
There should be an "offer draw" button for games against the computer. 261 5
by IDetestChess
Filter games by type in the profile 216 3
by Clarkey
Voting about changes 324 7
by PigsRule
Couldn't 't castle long in Fischer Random 301 3
by tisme
Why both players gain rating? 204 0
by jonc
Avatar 696 8
by MicaiahWa