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Bug reports, feature requests, suggestions

Views Replies Last post
[Bug?] Time warning in bullet games 454 15
by senilefelines
"Can not read data from server" error when connecting via lichess Android app 1,890 6
by poolesen
Lichess music 933 12
by LaPingvino
Study[beta] feedbacks 600 11
by DunnoItAll
Top menu items "Play", "Learn", etc don't work 198 1
by seanysean
Using self-written engine 1,554 24
by MoistvonLipwig
iOS app failure 159 0
by FlyAngler
Training bug 202 3
by Mainlander
Didn't get stalemated when suppose too? 256 2
by Toadofsky
Feature suggestion : Takeback button against computer 163 3
by Daaaaaaaark